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Deweyites Unite!

House of Dew Version Two

House of Dew
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Dewey -

A dorm named after a guy who helped inspire a college in the middle-of-nowhere, Vermont.

We are folks who lived together for a bunch of years and continue to be loosely connected through the great Infobahn.

Are you one of us? You'll know. Just look inside.

Praise Herschel!
(mostly) substance free, all form no substance, all nighters, all your base, anime, anti-cilantro, bad movies, baldur's gate, being naked, bike co-op, boffco, breakfast, cabin fever, catch phrases, central vac, colon care, comix, computer labs, d&d, dewey, dewey associates, deweyites, deweypop, diablo, domination, dorm meetings, enneagram for evil, eric fucking mallory, fierceness in battle, final fantasy vii, freaks among freaks, freeloaders, fuk-ola cola, gilles, goddard college, goddard prom, herschel worship, house of dew, inside jokes, john dewey, john waters, julio's, kbtoys, lard in everything, manowar, mu*s, napster, neci, pants, resident evil, rocky horror, roleplaying, sca, sign of the hammer, snow walruses, south park, starcraft, stealing from aiken, stupid initiation rites, stupid internet shit, stupid nicknames, stupidity, the frogs, the love nest, tmbg, true meaning of life, videogames, warcraft, warhammer, warring with stokes, white wolf, wrestling with doolin